3L E-Z Runner Permanent Refill


3L E-Z Runner Permanent Refill
Permanent Adhesive Strips
49″ / 15 m length
white adhesive strips: 8 mm / 0.3 in

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E-Z Runner® Permanent Strips Refill (49ft)

  • 49ft of 1/8in strips of double-sided, permanent white adhesive
  • Fits in any of the E-Z Runner® Refillable Dispensers
  • Strips are easy to apply in curves, circles and lines
  • Great for gift wrapping, school projects, presentation boards at the office too!
  • Color coordinated refills for each adhesive type

Additional information

Weight 1.2 oz
Dimensions 3.6 × 6.3 × 0.75 in

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