2010- 2013

Cafe Crop opened its doors for the first time in January 2010 at the corner of Broadway and Summit in Crown Point, Indiana. If those walls could talk, they’d tell of how they once held water that seeped in from the roof, or the back doors. They’d tell stories about how the kitchen at Cafe Crop was a focal point of conversation, probably not much different than the kitchen at your house.


Then there was the period of time when we tried to make the Old Lake County Courthouse Shops work for us. We made it work, as best we could, but it was a rough period!


1100 W 84th Drive in Merrillville was our best location to date. It’s kind of ironic that it was the location back in 2009 that met every qualification we had. Too bad life isn’t like golf, where a friendly foursome will let you take a mulligan. We made the best of our years in Merrillville. We sure had some memorable times.

2019 – Present

Since the day we opened, we always wanted to expand! We just never thought that expanding would mean that we would also shrink! Cafe Crop now has what we are calling the Cafe Crop Studio where all the creativity and shipping will occur, and the Purdue Technology Center, where we will hold the majority of our classes and craft retreats. But that’s not all. Tina and Lisa both have home studios as well! 

As if that were not enough, we’re preparing to take the show on the road. Stay tuned as the story of Cafe Crop continues!

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