eClips Cartridges

eclips Cartridges

Café Crop eclips Cartridges are available for use in the store on your eclips machine.  To check out a cartridge:

  1. Fill out and sign a Cartridge lending form
  2. One cartridge may be checked out at a time per machine
  3. Cartridges may be checked out in exchange for your car keys and credit card information.
  4. Any cartridge, book or overlay that is damaged, destroyed and/or not returned in the same condition it was checked out will be charged the full price to replace the item.

eclips Cartridges Available For Your Use

We have an assortment of eclips cartridges available for use.  Bring your own machine and use our cartridges for FREE.

Available Cartridges:
(All pictures from

 657538_3 eclips 12 days christmas.jpg  656160_3 eclips all occasions.jpg
12 Days of Christmas All Occasions
 656166_3 eclips baby milestones.jpg 657140_3 Baby Shower Precious Alphabet.jpg
Baby Milestones Baby Shower & Precious Alphabet
 657142_3 eclips backgrounds edges flowerful alpha.jpg  657144_3 eclips birthday party fun times alpha.jpg
Backgrounds, Edges & Flowerful Alphabet Birthday Party & Fun Times Alphabet
 656162_3 eclips boy and girl.jpg  657151_3 eclips critters.jpg
Boy & Girl Critters
 656894_3 Decorate Your life Shapes Alpha.jpg 656164_3 eclips dress ups.jpg
Decorate Your Life Shapes & Alphabet Dress Ups
 657141_3 eclips easter.jpg  657150_3 eclips edges.jpg
Easter Edges
 656167_3 eclips holiday.jpg  656889_3 eclips hope strength.jpg
Holiday Hope & Strength (ribbon/survivor)
 657544_3 eclips oliva shapes alpha.jpg  657543_3 eclips oliver shapes alpha.jpg
Oliva Shapes & Alphabet (baby/girl) Oliver Shapes & Alphabet (baby/boy)
 656345_3 eclips sassy serif greek.jpg  656169_3 eclips school sports.jpg
Sassy Serif & Greek School & Sports
 656171_3 eclips special occasions.jpg  656699_3 eclips starter.jpg
Special Occasions Starter & Rockin’ Jane Alphabet
(cartridge that came with your machine)
 657145_3 eclips summer.jpg  657146_3 eclips sweetalicious sweet tooth alpha.jpg
Summer Sweetalicious & Sweet Tooth Alphabet
 657541_3 eclips wander.jpg  657143_3 Wedding Shower Big Day.jpg
Wander Shapes & Alphabet (travel theme) Wedding Shower & Big Day Alphabet
 657147_3 eclips woodland creatures deer me alpha.jpg
Woodland Creatures & Deer Me Alphabet

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