Since our beginning at the corner of Summit & Broadway in Crown Point, Indiana, Cafe Crop focused on inspiring you to preserve your memories through scrapbooking, cards, and crafting.  

That continues to be our objective today. We’re simply changing to serve you better. Since January of 2010, you’ve been coming to “our house.” And now, through modern technology, we’re bringing “our house” to you online. We have multiple ways to connect, share creativity and shop.  Online groups and sales, Zoom events, as well as in person events. While we do not currently have the the capacity for you to just drop in anytime, don’t despair – that’s what the purple talk bubble is for! During normal business hours, unless we’re working on prepping something creative for a class, we’ll respond as quickly as we can.  Please let us know your name when you want to chat!

Do you have a crafting emergency? Use the purple talk bubble! Or, if that isn’t good enough, call us, message on Facebook or email. 

In all but the first year or two, Cafe Crop has exclusively used online methods to keep in touch with you. Now this is more important than ever. In order to serve you effectively, we exclusively use online methods to keep in touch with you, our customers and to inform you about sales and upcoming events.  To sign up for our e-mail news, please register by clicking on the link to subscribe to our e-mail list.  Each e-mail we send out comes with the option to unsubscribe, and you may do so at any time if you’re taking a break from crafting.  Of course, we can’t imagine why anyone would do that.

Cafe Crop has been serving creative people like you since January 2010, and we’ve enjoyed meeting thousands of our fellow crafters in person so far! There’s room for more, especially now that geography is no longer a limiting factor! 

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